The Reel-Scout Features



Manage Projects & Productions

Film offices are not funded simply to maintain a nice collection of digital images. They are funded in order bring projects and productions into their respective cities, regions, states, and countries. Reel-Scout™’s Project Management module makes keeping track of all the moving pieces, across all projects, a breeze.

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Organize Contacts & Relationships

If there’s one thing projects and productions have in common, it’s that they are comprised of people – which means that any tool a film office is using to manage its projects must also offer a way to manage the people who work on them. 

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Showcase Locations

Any worthwhile film office software will include a location gallery. Reel-Scout™ is no different. In fact, Reel-Scout™ offers what amounts to two views of the same gallery: one that the film office can work with internally and another that can be offered for public searching.

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Create Custom Location Packages

Reel-Scout™ location packages are known worldwide and have become industry standard. Packages can be created quickly, and each package reflects the branding of the film office which created the package. 

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RS Mobile iPhone App

RS Mobile is a film-office branded iPhone application that synchs with the existing Reel-Scout™ system of the film office. The iPhone app displays locations, crew & support services, and even music-related entities for those clients who use Reel-Music™.

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Reporting & Administration

Want to track hits and views on your location gallery, your on-line directory, your packages, your music guide?  Want to see from which cities and countries those hits and views are originating? Want to see which of your locations are being viewed the most? 

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Reel-Directory™, an Online Production Directory

Reel-Directory™, an optional module available only to Reel-Scout™ clients, is an on-line production directory (or guide) that allows film offices to track, manage, and promote their local crew and support services to the industry 24x7x365. 

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Access for Partners & Affiliates

The Reel-Scout™ Affiliate Model allows smaller or regional film offices to participate in the Reel-Scout™ system of another, often larger, film office. The regional film office can upload and manage locations of the area they represent, see a brief summary of projects created the larger film office, and respond to inquiry for those projects under the brand of the larger office (if the larger office so desires). 

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Data Center & Cloud

As a fully-hosted, highly-secure, cloud computing application - accessible to its users at anytime from anywhere in the world -Reel-Scout™ relies on state-of-the-art servers to keep your data safe, backed-up, and secure.

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