Film Office Software in the Cloud

Created expressly for film offices, Reel-Scout is a business application that brings best practices to the business of recruiting and attracting productions.


RS9.0 SaaS

Software as a Service.

The Reel-Scout™ SaaS (Software as a Service) platform is a fully-integrated project, client, and crew management system with a fully searchable locations gallery. The SaaS platform means that the world is your office. Nothing to install. Nothing to download. Just hit the web and log in.


Our software is intuitive.

Reel-Scout™ is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Our modules are made for the film office and built to mirror the unique operations of the film industry. No need to worry who in the office has the latest data. Collaboration is a given. Everything is right where you and your team need it. All the time.

In the Cloud

Highly secured, web app.

As a fully-hosted, highly-secure, cloud computing application - accessible to its users at anytime from anywhere in the world - Reel-Scout™ relies on state-of-the-art servers to keep your data safe, backed-up, and secure. Reel-Scout™ is a powerful, 24/7 system ready to do business any time you are.



Work better.

With Reel-Scout, you can ...

  • Have a highly-functional and fully-searchable location gallery;

  • Better manage your projects;

  • Keep track of all your contacts;

  • Respond to location inquiries in seconds;

  • "Crowd source" your location gallery;

  • Share locations and data with your partners;

  • Gain more efficiency in your office;

  • Offer your local crew way to market themselves to the industry through an on-line production guide;

  • Have a mobile app that will market not only your local crew but all your locations as well;

  • Promote your local musicians and music venues to the industry;

  • Keep tabs on all those applications for incentives;

  • Generate reports showing activity and results over certain periods of time;

  • Estimate economic impact, track production days, tabulate jobs and room nights and wages, etc.

Whatever you need to do or whatever you're asked to do, chances are Reel-Scout™ can help you do it.

Reel-Scout Software In A Nutshell