RS Mobile iPhone App


RS Mobile is a film-office branded iPhone application that synchs with the existing Reel-Scout™ system of the film office. The iPhone app displays locations, crew & support services, and even music-related entities for those clients who use Reel-Music™.

What Reel-Scout™ Mobile Does:

  • Promote local businesses to the film industry by connecting the needs of both

  • Market the variety of filming locations available

  • Increase awareness of the region to the film industry by furthering the brand

  • Engage the local community of businesses and individual crew members by encouraging them to list, and

  • Reach the target audience via a medium that is cost-effective, efficient, and prevalent worldwide

As the original developers of the Reel-Scout™ and Reel-Crew™ web-based systems, Reel-Scout, Inc. leverages this knowledge to quickly and effectively develop a solution to deliver film office content via a highly-popular medium.

Reel-Scout™ Mobile's Benefits:

  • Provide a Green solution & reduce print costs with mobile brochures

  • Provide marketing channels for local businesses

  • Decrease the time-to-market as a white-label software for native iPhone applications

  • Integrate mapping and navigational capabilities

  • Provide real-time data access to Reel-Scout™

  • Allow for brand integration and consistency via custom splash page and brand colors

  • Deliver content instantly to users based on their location

  • Easy-to-use interface to ensure quick access to data without training or explanation

Integrated Mobile App

RS Mobile includes an integrated mobile application written using Appcelerator’s Titanium, the leading cross-platform development environment, for mobile application development of native iPhoneapps - to include:

  • Locations: Real-time access film locations, maps, photos

  • Crew: Live and up-to-date crew member profiles, affiliations, categories

    • Support Services - Fully-searchable local vendor listings

  • Apple Store Submission: Responsibility for the entire submission process including development, coordination, requirements handling, description, end-user support, SKU number, and EULA content.

  • Application & Content Hosting and Updates

Dynamic Performance

Weekly backup, disaster recovery, 24x7 availability, bandwidth, server, firewall, appropriate software, and all updates.

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