Online Production Directory


An optional module available only to Reel-Scout™ clients, Reel-Directory™ is an on-line production directory (or guide) that allows film offices to track, manage, and promote their local crew and support services to the industry 24x7x365.

Integrated seamlessly with the film office's website, Reel-Directory™ allows local crew & support services to register, create their account, build out their profiles, upload their resumes or logos, and assign their credits - all through the film office's website.

All records and data flow seamlessly into Reel-Scout™, and the film office can then validate the individual records if desired and, with the click of a button, make them available to be searched via the film office website.

If a film office's client would rather have a hard copy of the directory, or a portion of it, not to worry. Through Reel-Directory™ the film office can print the entire directory and/or email it. Reel-Directory™ allows the film office to illustrate the depth of infrastructure and resources available locally all while marketing that crew base to the industry around the clock.