Data Center & Cloud


As a fully-hosted, highly-secure, cloud computing application - accessible to its users at anytime from anywhere in the world - Reel-Scout™ relies on state-of-the-art servers to keep your data safe, backed-up, and secure.

Reel-Scout’s cloud-based hosting and management services include the following:

  • Customer and Technical Support

    • Guaranteed response time (2 business days)

    • Unlimited cases and open troubleshooting logs

    • RS Customer Support Channels: on-line, email, toll-free (866.355.REEL)

  • Annual Maintenance and Upgrades

    • RS Maintenance upgrades (scheduled and notified)

    • RS Service patches (scheduled and notified)

    • Current Version point releases (All point releases within the current version will be automatically provided to the client. With RS9, for example, point releases 9.2, 9.4, etc. are included.

  • Hardware, Network, & Data Center

    • Web / Application Server: Quad-Core Intel Xeon CPU; 16 GB RAM; 2 x 73 GB 15,000 RPM SAS Drives (RAID10 - OS); 2 x 73 GB 15,000 RPM SAS Drives (RAID5 - Data); Hardware RAID w/ Battery Backed Cache; gigE Network Connection; Bandwidth 250 GB; Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit Edition; Web Server IIS Tools; .NET Framework 3.5.1; SmarterStats Professional Edition 6.x; AVS Image Converter 1.2; Antivirus Protection; Firewall Protection; Hot Plug Redundant Supply Kit

    • Database Server: Quad-Core Intel Xeon CPU; 4 GB RAM; 60 GB disk drive; Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter 64-bit Edition; Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web 64-bit Edition

    • Content Backups: Roll-back execution if necessary. Backups of all data and images are conducted in full weekly and on a daily basis for changes.

    • SQL Server Reporting Services: includes applying of upgrades and patches as issued by Microsoft for SQL Server

    • 24-Hour Server Monitoring and Management: includes applying of upgrades and patches as issued by Microsoft for Windows Server 2008 as well as other third-party software

    • Standard OS and Server Administration: e.g., Active Directory (including: DNS, DHCP, Terminal Services, user account move/adds/changes, etc.); Mail Routing and Administration; MS OS (user account move/adds/changes, etc.); Microsoft IIS Web Server (website move/adds/changes, etc.)