Film Office Project Management


Film offices are not funded simply to maintain a nice collection of digital images. They are funded in order bring projects and productions into their respective cities, regions, states, and countries. Reel-Scout™’s Project Management module makes keeping track of all the moving pieces, across all projects, a breeze.

Want to estimate economic impact by project or across all projects? Want to track production days, room nights, services proviced? Want to view projects by type, by status, by date range? Want to see a log of all interactions between your office and the projects you're working with? Want to store all project-related documents in one place? Want to see a list of all location packages your office has sent by project, by recipient, date and time stamped? You can.


Our Project Management Module ...

  • Captures budget, incentives, services data for each project

  • Provides extensive searching functionality for projects i.e., by status, date ranges

  • Has capacity to upload attachments such as PDF, PPT, XLS, DOC, TXT, JPG files

  • Provides map locations used for each project/production

  • Includes AFCI-sanctioned economic impact calculation

  • Can add, edit, update all correspondences during the life of a project

  • Exports all project data w/ key contact information

  • Projects reports provided through Excel for ease of formatting

  • Has the ability to dynamically modify a package even after it has been sent

  • Generates a professional looking customized ‘location package’ to each client

  • And more ....