Reel-Scout™ is the leading film-office business platform on the market. Our global search site LocationsHub is the deepest and most content-rich location library on the web today.


We don't simply work with film offices: we believe in them. We believe in what they were created to do and in the impact they hope to have. We also believe in technology. We believe in its ability to bring together, to extend reach, and to level the field. Even more: we believe that the right technology can be one of the film office's most powerful tools in the pursuit of its mission. Film offices are all about jobs and all about people. And Reel-Scout is all about film offices. It's what we do.


Ed Henegar

Founder & President

Don’t let Ed’s two degrees from Duke University make you think he’s smarter than he is: they’re both in English. So while a lot of his buddies were heading off to law or business school after graduation, he was standing in front of a room full of 9th graders teaching A Separate Peace – which he loved. Now, in the office, he’s carrying on his educational career by trying to teach the highly-technological staff of Reel-Scout how to think like a non-techie (e.g., himself), and, at home, he’s trying to teach his three sons – ages 22, 20, and 17 – the difference between a semi-colon and a comma. To date, both efforts have met with varied success … but there’s still plenty of time.

Claim to Fame: Best Golfer at Reel-Scout (to date).
Favorite Book: All The King's Men by Robert Penn Warren.


Wendi Le

Chief operating officer

As her two degrees from the University of Virginia would suggest, Wendi is a true Jeffersonian: civic virtue is critical, community is important, and the earth belongs always to the living generation. Aside from that, she's the best project manager this side of the Mississippi. And manage she does: our people, our processes, and just about everything else that goes on at Reel-Scout - even Ollie (see below). When she's not managing something, she's reading books - of which she has literally hundreds on her iPhone. Wendi has two boys, 15 and 22 - the younger of whom still thinks she's a pretty cool mom. The older? Well, he's 22.

Claim to Fame: Best Scrabble Player in her family.
Personal Motto: Always have a book with you wherever you go ... it makes everything better!


Rick Poon

senior architect and designer

As Reel-Scout's chief architect, Rick has over 16 years of experience in the design and development of front-end applications to support new business concepts and processes as well as the day-to-day maintenance and enhancement of existing websites. Rick's wide creative and technical strengths makes him company lead for user-interface graphic design, logo design, development and enforcement of website style and layout, and corporate design/branding initiatives. He holds a degree from the University of California at Irvine. In his spare time, Rick obsesses over food, photography, travel, and design, and a strange combination of all of the above.

Favorite Sports: Ice hockey.
Claim to Fame: A La Mode, a world-beloved blog Rick created and authored. You can also follow Rick's travels and culinary adventures on Instagram.


Chi Le

SENIOR engineer and database modeler

Chi Le, one of Wendi's older sisters, is the living embodiment of the age-old adage that "still waters run deep." In this case, very deep. Chi's a Virginia Polytechnic Institute graduate (that’s Virginia Tech in case you’re wondering) with a degree in Electrical Engineering - which means she could re-wire your server one day and your house the next. Impressive. To her credit, Chi says she doesn't mind taking direction from her younger sister - as long as it's delivered with the proper respect. But if ever the sister thing gets to be a little too much, Chi grabs her snowboard or mountain bike (depending on the season) and heads out. These activities, she's found, are even more therapeutic than calling mom. And, oh, in all her spare time, she draws amazing artworks, makes jewelry and pottery. Not exactly what you’d expect from an EE, but we're glad she brings her considerable talent to Reel-Scout.

Latest Passion: Hiking.
Favorite Song: Life Is Wonderful by Jason Mraz.


Anwar Hossain


With a post-graduate degree in Information Technology from Khulna University and years and years of experience (six of those with Reel-Scout), Anwar is our expert web developer. His experience lies in PHP, Wordpress (Theme Development/Customization, PSD to WordPress, Ecommerce, and Genesis Framework), HTML5 (and PSD to HTML), and CSS3 Responsive Design. He utilizes all latest technologies and web standards, he's fast and efficient, and last but not least, his code is very, very clean. We are glad Anwar is on our team.


Sarah Le

director of social media and designer

A graduate of Meredith College, Sarah is obsessed with making things look beautiful both on the Web and in print. She's also passionate about all things related to movies. When not in front of the computer designing, blogging, sharing and tweeting the latest film location news for Reel-Scout and LocationsHub, Sarah is a photographer and filmmaker. By the way, she is Wendi's other older sister.

Claim to Fame: Winner of National Geographic's "Vision of Paradise" photography contest and JPG Magazine's "Embrace the Bur" photography contest.
Favorite Quote: "Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength." ~ St. Francis de Sales.


Jillian Stewart

testing team lead and client support

As lead for all our testing efforts, Jill is responsible for putting each finished project through its paces, uploading location images, and validating that things are as they should be. When they aren’t, we all hear about it. Jill is the office glue: she holds everything together and makes sure that things are always in order. With Jill around, all of us are more productive than we would be without her.

Favorite Musician: John Mayer
Favorite TV Show: Sons of Anarchy


Lauren Firman

data migration and conversion specialist

A graduate of Furman University with a degree in studio art, Lauren quietly leads our integration, migration and conversion efforts. No two clients’ data are the same, and merging and migrating existing information and data into Reel-Scout™ is a critical phase for all our projects that requires extreme attention to detail. Regardless of the assignment, Lauren is always up for the job and equal to the challenge. Unflappable and steady, Lauren is fazed by very little – even when Ollie (see below) goes on an occasional barking binge. If only all of us were so composed.

Favorite Musician: Lucky Face
Ardent Supporter Of: Cure Search


Ollie Boy

team mascot and director of security

The youngest member of our team, Ollie is responsible for everyone's whereabouts, as well as making sure we all get our daily walks and treats. He is an expert lounger and eater, and has recently mastered the art of fetching balls.

Interests: Eating, chewing toys, running in circles, taking Reel-Scout team members out for periodic "nature" walks.
Favorite Quote: "Ollie, good boy! Good boy, Ollie!"