3 Tips to Streamline Your Reel-Scout Workflow

We periodically update our products to make things run a little more smoothly each day for our clients. Here are three latest time-saving Reel-Scout features you may not know about.


1. Location Package: Package Emails Saved to Correspondences

When a location package is sent to the client, the exact email text content is now saved automatically to the Correspondence section of the project. There is no longer a need to cc or bcc yourself or others in the office in order to recall what was written in the accompanying email note. The entire email text content along with the package link is immediately saved as a new record under Correspondences.

Send a package and see for yourself!


2. Location Package: Standard Package Email Text is Optional

When creating a location package, you can now choose to include the standard office email text or not and identify whether you want your personal email text to go above or below the standard message. Simply click the checkbox under the message field to see for yourself!


3. Project: Numeric Field Formatting

You'll notice throughout the Project component that there are a growing number of numeric fields. In order to ensure that reports can be exported and calculated correctly, we are verifying input of numeric values immediately upon departure of the field. This allows you to visually see the value you entered formatted either in dollar format and/or with the appropriate comma syntax.

Feedback from our users have told us that numeric fields can be very time consuming to validate after the records have been saved. Therefore, we now update the field automatically after you've moved your cursor to the next field. If characters are entered where numbers are required, the field will be blanked out as if no value were entered.


Have Questions?

At Reel-Scout, we constantly strive to improve your Reel-Scout system so that you're always working with a tool that supports the industry's best practices and incorporates the latest proven web, database, and server technologies. If you have any questions about these or any other functions in Reel-Scout, please don't hesitate to call our email our team at anytime. We're happy to help!