Arkansas Production Alliance Chooses Reel-Scout

The Arkansas Production Alliance (arfilm) has chosen Reel-Scout™ as its location, crew, and project management solution. In doing so, Arkansas becomes the 40th U.S. state film office to use Reel-Scout™.

Reel-Scout™ will provide a digital location library as well as a contact and project management system -- all of which will allow the office to refine current practices, respond quickly to inquiries, manage productions and work more closely with its clients.

The Arkansas Production Alliance, a unique private/public partnership initiated by the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Northwest Arkansas Council and Arkansas Film Commission, represents the entire state of Arkansas.

For more information, check out the Arkansas Production Alliance’s news release.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Banner image of a white house on Templeton Road in England, Arkansas via Arkansas Production Alliance.