New Project Functionality: Auto-Calc Days


At Reel-Scout, we constantly strive to improve your Reel-Scout system so that you're always working with a tool that supports the industry's best practices and incorporates the latest proven web, database, and server technologies.

Having said that, at the end of 2011 we rolled out the latest update to Reel-Scout which included an 'Auto-Calculation' functionality for to calculate the number of days based on the dates entered: Pre-Production, Production, Wrap, Post-Production, and Total. 


The motivation behind this functionality was the questions we received as to why dates were collected but then the days had to be manually input when the user had already taken the effort to enter in specific date values. Therefore, we added the functionality so that all "days" fields are set to auto-calculate and they are driven by the date fields in the column to the left. 


As you know, the file opened field defaults to the date that you first create the project. Once you've entered a date in one of the fields below the file opened field (e.g., pre-production, production, wrap, etc.), that sets the auto-calculation tool in motion. The auto-calc tool counts consecutively, including weekends.

Please note that the automated days calculation is completely OPTIONAL. If you do not want to use the auto-calc function, then simply click 'no' in the radio button option. This will allow you to enter any value for all the fields displayed.


If you're working on a project that is a straight days calculation, then the default 'yes' to auto calc will work perfectly. If you're working with a project where there are exceptions (e.g., do not count weekends, holidays, half days, late start, delays, etc.), then click 'no' in the radio button and enter your dates manually. The offers the best of both worlds. Let us know if you have any questions!