Tulsa FMAC Chooses Reel-Scout

The Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts & Culture (“Tulsa FMAC”) has chosen Reel-Scout™ as its location, project, crew and music management solution.

Reel-Scout™ will provide Tulsa FMAC a digital location library as well as a contact, project, crew and music management system. Reel-Music™ is an on-line directory that enables the film office to track, manage, and promote all its local music-related entities: companies, bands, venues, etc. Combined, these management solutions allow the film office to refine their current practices, respond quickly to inquiries, manage productions, crew and work more closely with its clients.

Tulsa FMAC’s mission is to foster Tulsa as a creative hub and a cultural destination. The film office develops new resources to make sure the city’s creative industries continue to grow and flourish, attracting film productions and other artistic & cultural endeavors.

For more information on filming in Tulsa, contact Tulsa FMAC.


PHOTO CREDIT: Above banner photo features the Blue Whale of Cartoosa in Tulsa.