Reel-Crew for Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office

Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office ("Film Sarasota") has enlisted Reel-Scout to build a crew & support services management system for the Film Office. With Reel-Crew, Film Sarasota's crew & support services companies will be able to create their own profiles and list their credits, etc. As a result, the film industry professionals will be able to search those listings at any time.

Film Sarasota's mission is to diversify and boost Sarasota County's economic development by attracting and serving motion pictures, television, commercials, music, and other media productions. The Film Office also promotes and serves the people, locations, products, services, businesses in Sarasota County. Doing so, they're enhancing tourism, prosperity and quality of life throughout Sarasota. 

For more information on filming in Sarasota County, contact the Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office.


PHOTO CREDIT: Photo of Siesta Key Beach is from here.