Reel-Scout Builds Location Gallery for Screen Nova Scotia

Using its global locations search site LocationsHub as a foundation, Reel-Scout has built a location gallery that integrates with Screen Nova Scotia's website and displays the locations that are part of the Screen Nova Scotia's LocationsHub account.

Screen Nova Scotia can control which locations are visible through the gallery by marking them public or private. All locations marked public are viewable both through the website gallery as well as through LocationsHub itself. This way, each location listed receives double the exposure.

In addition to the public searching capability that the gallery offers, Screen Nova Scotia can create collections of locations, called lightboxes, and share those with the productions interested in shooting in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia as a film location has the complete package. Their competitive incentives make Nova Scotia the ideal filming location for any project. Combined world-class talent and inspiring locations with provincial and federal funding to make your budget cost-effective, it's no wonder Nova Scotia has been popular with productions.

For more information on filming in Nova Scotia, visit Screen Nova Scotia's website.


PHOTO CREDIT: Above photo is the Lunenburg Waterfront area in Nova Scotia.