Reel-Scout Builds Location Gallery for the Dubai Film & TV Commission

The Dubai Film and TV Commission becomes the first film office in Dubai to select Reel-Scout for its location management solution.

Using its global locations search site LocationsHub as a foundation, Reel-Scout has built a location gallery that integrates with the Dubai Film and TV Commission's website and displays the locations that are part of the Dubai Film and TV Commission's LocationsHub account.

The Dubai Film and TV Commission can control which locations are visible through the gallery by marking them public or private. All locations marked public are viewable both through the website gallery as well as through LocationsHub itself thus giving the locations double exposure.

In addition to the public searching capability that the gallery offers, the Dubai Film and TV Commission can create collections of locations, called lightboxes, and share those with the productions interested in shooting in Dubai.

Located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is a modern, cosmopolitan city where tradition is alive and celebrated. People come to Dubai for business, tourism, leisure, and filming. With its arid subtropical climate, Dubai has blue skies and sunshine almost year round, an attractive bonus for filmmakers. In addition to its pleasant weather, Dubai has an enormous wealth of filming locations for productions to choose from.

For more information on filming in Dubai, visit the Dubai Film and TV Commission’s website.