Savannah Regional Film Commission Chooses Reel-Scout

The Savannah Regional Film Commission  becomes the third film office in Georgia to select Reel-Scout™ as its location and project management solution.

For the Savannah Film Office, Reel-Scout™ will provide a digital location library, a contact and project management system, and a crew management module. The Reel-Scout™ functionality will allow the Film Office to refine current practices and respond quickly to inquiries.

Since 1995, the Savannah Film Office has been a one-stop-shop for producers interested in filming in the Savannah area. The services provided by the Film Office includes permitting, location assistance and production coordination. The Film Office also works to connect producers with local crew and services.

Savannah's wealth of locations includes the nation's largest historical district, an evergreen urban forest, timeless coastal and rural settings. As the first planned city in the U.S., Savannah is world-famous for its 22 public squares, quaint brick streets, and historical architecture dating back to 1733. Savannah has endless locations that can easily double for 19th century U.S. or European cities. In addition, the area's marshes and swamps have often stood in for Southeast Asia locations. 

Savannah is a film-friendly community with cooperative local governments and agencies. For more information on filming in Savannah, contact the Savannah Regional Film Commission.

For information on filming in Georgia, visit the Georgia Film and TV Production.


FILM CREDIT: Photo of Savannah's Forsyth Park, a popular film location, via Google.