Reel-Crew for Georgia Film and TV Production

Georgia Film and TV Production has enlisted Reel-Scout to build a crew & support services management system for the Film Office. With Reel-Crew, Georgia crew & support services companies will be able to create their own profiles and list their credits, etc. As a result, the film industry professionals will be able to search those listings at any time.

Georgia has a competitive film incentive package that awards qualifying productions a 20% tax credit, plus and additional 10% credit for embedding a Georgia promotional logo in their film title or credits.

The state is proud of its diverse locations from mountains, forests, farmland, swamps and coastal regions to urban landscapes, charming small towns.

Over 700 feature films, TV movies, TV series have been produced in Georgia since 1972. Among these filmed-in-Georgia productions are Footloose (2011), The Walking Dead, X-Men, First Class, Fast Five, Drop Dead Diva, The Vampire Diaries, The Blind Side, Driving Miss Daisy, Forrest Gump, My Cousin Vinny, Zombieland, Glory, Sweet Home Alabama, Diary of a Mad Black Woman and We Are Marshall.

If you'd like to know if your favorite movies or shows were filmed in Georgia, here's the complete list of productions filmed in Georgia.


PHOTO CREDIT: Photo of downtown Atlanta via Google.