Reel-Scout in P3 Update Magazine

P3Update Magazine recently features Reel-Scout in its October 2009 issue.

Here’s a quick recap:

Reel-Scout provides services for film offices and location scouts/managers. “For the film office, as a web-based, SaaS [Software as a Service] offering, Reel-Scout makes it easy for film offices to manage their locations, — and their contacts, projects and local crew as well — because they can do so from anywhere in the world,” says Ed Henegar, president of Reel-Scout. “Foundationally, Reel-Scout is a digital library and it allows film offices, very quickly, to send out customized location packages to the location scouts and managers they are working with on any given production. For the location scout/manager, Reel-Scout’s location packages require no add-in software, simply a browser. There are no images to download, so these location packages are easily accessible from anywhere the scout/manager is working.”

Reel-Scout is currently in the process of developing a national database of locations. “Given that we work with over 30 U.S. state film offices and another 20 or so city or regional offices, we have a good bit of the U.S. covered, especially given that a good number of our states are big ones, geographically speaking,” Henegar says.

Download a PDF snapshot of the article here.