Reel-Scout Builds RS Mobile for South Australian Film Corporation

In addition to the online location library, the contact and project management system, South Australia Film Corporation ("SAFC") has also enlisted Reel-Scout to build RS Mobile, Reel-Scout's mobile application. The mobile app will offer extensive searching capability and will display all locations that are a part of SAFC's Reel-Scout system.

With its rich history in screen production, South Australia has been providing the backdrop and production base for many iconic film and television productions which in turn has boosted the area's economic, social and cultural fabric. It's no wonder SAFC is the leader in the development, support and promotion of South Australia’s screen industries for over 40 years. SAFC’s main focus is on partnering with filmmakers, production and post-production companies contributing to the growth of the film industry in South Australia.

For more information on filming in South Australia, visit South Australia Film Corporation's website.


PHOTO CREDIT: Banner photo is Adelaide Airport in South Australia.