Reel-Scout to Build SEI for Thompson-Nicola Film Commission

Thompson-Nicola Film Commission chooses Reel-Scout to build its SEI (Search Engine Integration). This will allow Lexington to manage and promote all of its locations by leveraging the Reel-Scout system of Screen Queensland. Those locations will then display through Thompson-Nicola Film Commission's website.

The Thompson-Nicola region, located in northeast of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, is film-friendly with the City of Kamloops as the largest community in the area. Thompson-Nicola's diverse landscapes (deserts, prairies, grasslands, mountains, canyons, valleys, rivers, lakes and much more) have been attracting productions for years

As one of the warmest and driest regions in Canada, Thompson-Nicola has more than 2000 hours of sunshine annually, with semi-arid, dry desert-like weather in the south, and wetter and cooler weather in the north. Snow typically arrives in late November and stays until February and March on higher elevations. There's an abundance of snow in the north (in Blue River, Clearwater, Barriere, 70 Mile House and Clinton) due to high altitude. 

For more information on filming in Thompson-Nicola, visit the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission's website.


PHOTO CREDIT: Above banner photo features Thompson-Nicola desert landscape via Thompson-Nicola Film Commission.