Reel-Scout Builds Location Gallery for Film Gwinnett

Using its global locations search site LocationsHub as a foundation, Reel-Scout has built a location gallery that integrates with Film Gwinnett's website and displays the locations that are part of the Film Gwinnett's LocationsHub account.

Film Gwinnett can control which locations are visible through the gallery by marking them public or private. All locations marked public are viewable both through the website gallery as well as through LocationsHub itself. This way, each location listed receives double the exposure.

In addition to the public searching capability that the gallery offers, Film Gwinnett can create collections of locations, called lightboxes, and share those with the productions interested in shooting in Gwinnett, Georgia.

The film industry in Georgia is busier than ever and Gwinnett County is in the thick of the action. With one of the most generous state film tax credit programs in the country backing productions filming in the county, filming in Gwinnett has exploded over the last few years. Productions such as Sleepy Hollow and the world-renowned Hunger Games franchise were both filmed here. The new hit series Atlanta was also shot in Gwinnett.

For more information on filming in Gwinnett, Georgia, visit Film Gwinnett's website.


PHOTO CREDIT: Southeastern Railway Museum in Gwinnett County, Georgia