Reel-Scout Builds Reel-Tourism Module for the Alabama Film Office

The Alabama Film Office becomes the second Reel-Scout client to adopt Reel-Scout's newly-released Reel-Tourism module. The Reel-Tourism module built for the Alabama Film Office is a data-rich repository of all the productions shot in Alabama, since 1940.

The module holds location information and images, set information and images, anecdotal information about the production, cast & crew information and the like. These can then be used by the Alabama Film Office to promote Alabama productions as well as Alabama locations used in those productions.

By creating tours, by featuring certain productions, and/or by allowing self-directed searches, Alabama is now well positioned to capture the rising tide of film tourism.

With its competitive film incentive package - granting qualified productions a 25% rebate of all state certified expenditures (between $500,000 and $20,000,000) and 35% of all payroll paid to Alabama residents - Alabama has become a strong contender within the film industry when it comes to filming locations.

For more details on filming in Alabama, visit the Alabama Film Office's website.


PHOTO CREDIT: Homes at Ft Morgan Pier in Albama - photo via Alabama Film Office's location gallery.