Reel-Scout Has a New Look

After lots of thinking, planning, and hard work (not to mention gallons of coffee), our beautiful new website is finally up and running. It’s a beloved project and we can’t wait for you to check it out.

We announced the new site to our Reel-Scout™ clients yesterday, and we have taken some of that text to share with you here:

As a forerunner to the launch of our national location search site searchRS (at or, Reel-Scout is pleased to announce the launch of our company's revised website (at We hope you like it.

As you can see from the home page (as well as from the client section), one of the primary goals in the redevelopment of our website is to feature our clients prominently. For those of you who are not presently represented on our homepage, please understand that we will be changing the homepage rotation regularly. Though some of you have sent us location images that we will use in the next rotation, we do not have location images from all of you. As soon as we do, we will be happy to include you.

Another primary goal is to promote the good work that all of you do for your local geographies. To that end, please take some time periodically to read our blog which, among other things, is a testament to the impact that your efforts are having on the cities, towns, and states you represent. All of us here at Reel-Scout both recognize and appreciate all your hard work.

From one film office in 2004 to over 60 today, we have come a long way. But we have not come that way alone. The road of our journey has been paved by your confidence in our company and your commitment to the services we provide. For that we are deeply thankful. We look forward to many more miles in the journey.

All the best to all of you from all of us.


The Reel-Scout team

As excited as we are about our new site, the best is still yet to come. Tune in to our blog, Facebook, and Twitter for the launch date of searchRS.