Online Locations Submission

We now have a new module for Reel-Scout that allows the public (homeowners, brokers, etc.) to submit location information and photos on-line from your film office website. The module will be configure to your film office branding and from the link anyone can upload directly into your Reel-Scout™ system – no password or login required. Once submitted and the location will in real-time display in your Reel-Scout™ system as “unapproved.” You then have the choice of approving them (or not).

A few items worth noting:

* Only a limited set of fields are available for the public to enter values (e.g., site condition, ownership, category fields are not available) to allow for ease of entry and standardization by the film office.

* So that users are not indiscriminately uploading 100s of photos to your system, a maximum of 10 images are allowed for each location. Also, a filesize cap of 1.00MB per file is enabled. If you want to increase that per file limit, let us know.

* We are enforcing Captcha to ensure that there are no Internet predators, bots, or spam entering bogus locations to your system.

* “Contact Name” data is captured and will be appended to the General Notes field once submitted by the public user.

* Once a location record is submitted with photos, you’ll see a green plus sign next to the record to indicate that it’s a newly submitted location to Reel-Scout. The location will need to be reviewed and approved to be made available in your public library but no conversion or re-uploading is required.

To see first hand how this module works, click here. If you are interested in this module, please contact us.