Public vs. Internal Locations Search

Did you know that the public locations search functionality and the internal locations search functionality are different? As public, visitors can only select one category/subcategory combination to search at a time. When the public visitor selects a main category, the relevant subcategories appear. In addition, [general] and “all” options appear with each category. If [general] is selected, then the only the locations that were identified as [general] are returned. When “all” is selected, then ALL locations (including those identified as [general] and any other subcategory) are returned.

On the internal search in Reel-Scout, the staff user has much more flexibility. The internal search allows for multiple category/subcategory combinations to be selected, either by holding the SHIFT key or the CTRL key and clicking multiple values. Therefore, having an “all” search within the internal search would be redundant. Searching “all” subcategories in a category is achieved by simply holding the SHIFT key and selecting all the subcategory values. The “all” search value would not work in this multi-valued selection box because if a staff user selects “all” and a related “subcategory” the system would not know how to return the records — ALL records or just the subcategory selected? We hope that you find the multiple category combination searching functionality available to you on the internal search valuable. We believe it provides the greatest flexibility for both searching on just [general] only as well as selecting all subcategories within a category.

Happy searching!