Reel-Scout on MovieMaker's Top 30 List

Reel-Scout was named as one of the "30 companies every indie moviemaker needs to know" in MovieMaker Magazine. For a complete listing, see MovieMaker's "The Business Edition" (Issue No. 78, Volume 15).  

Reel-Scout™-specific text is reproduced below.

The I-List:  30 Companies Every Indie Moviemaker Needs to Know

Though it sometimes feels like a solitary effort, moviemaking is a team sport.  From the friends who offer advice on first drafts of a script to the family members who endure countless screenings of a work in progress, no moviemaker is immune to the need for assistance.  For independent moviemakers this is especially true when it comes to the actual production of a film.  From the cameras a director shoots with to the company that prints the all-important promotional postcards and press packets, the road to cinematic success is paved with vendors.  Here are 30 of the ones you would do well to know about before you shoot another frame or submit to another festival.

Reel-Scout -

The Reel-Scout project and client managment system has made it easier and faster than ever for local film offices to assist inquiring moviemakers in finding the perfect location for a shoot.  What's more, the program keeps track of each production's economic impact, which can be a handy tool of persuasion for government allotment of those all-important tax incentives.