Reel-Scout in MovieMaker Magazine

Under the headline Real Scouts Use Reel-Scout, Reel-Scout's SaaS (Software as a Service) was the focus of an article as a bridge between the abundant technological resources of the film industry and the much-more limited technological resources of the typical film office trying to attract and grow that industry. See MovieMaker's "The Future of Movie Making" issue (Issue No. 75, Volume 15).  Text reproduced below.

Real Scouts Use Reel-Scout

Few film organizations are as misunderstood as a state’s film office.  While their exact role is a mystery to anyone involved in the moviemaking process, the positive impact they can have on the economy of a community is profound.

“Film offices don’t exist simply to maintain a library of location images,” says entrepreneur Ed Henegar.  “A city or state can benefit just as much from film production as it can from landing a 100,000 square-foot distribution facility.  Economic development groups and commerce departments pursue relocations and expansions; film offices pursue productions.  The same principles are at work.”

Henegar is the founder and president of Reel-Scout, a Web-based client and project management system for film locations professional, complete with a digital image library.

“Reel-Scout™ was created expressly for film offices so that they could compete as effectively within the economic development arena as their city or state does,” explains Henegar.  “Reel-Scout™ was not built simply to manage digital images; it was built to help film commissions manage all their assets (projects, locations, contacts) simultaneously.”

Rather than a product that’s been ported from older technology, Reel-Scout™ software was built from the ground up, in order to take advantage of the Web to make working with location scouts and producers faster, easier, and more efficient.  Images, contacts, and files are accessible from any computer with an Internet connection, from anywhere in the world.  With no software to install on individual computers, it’s a much simpler program to manage for the long term.

As Henegar explains, Reel-Scout™ helps film offices move from the days of snail mail and photocopies into the 21st century:  “The film industry has nearly limitless technological resources.  The typical film office has highly limited technological resources – at least internally.  Reel-Scout™ was created to help bridge that gap." –Jason Mann

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