Reel-Scout to Develop ASP Model

Banking on the immediate interest shown in its film office system, Reel-Scout announced plans that it would invest in creating an ASP (Application Service Provider) model of its film office software. 

“Though the system was developed as a web-based system from the beginning, it was offered only through the purchase of an enterprise-wide license,” commented Ed Henegar, President of Reel-Scout.  “The early response has been great, but there is clearly a need for a version of our system that the film office could simply ‘lease’ as opposed to purchase.  For those film offices without devoted IT resources and/or who desire a worry-free technological environment, the ASP model will be the way to go.”

In the process of creating the ASP model, Reel-Scout will be moved to the .NET platform this giving the system great long-term flexibility and stability.  This strategic move will mean that Reel-Scout will not actively sell its system until the new model has been created.  Reel-Scout estimates that the initiative will take about nine to twelve months.