Reel-Scout Builds Location Gallery for the Atlantic City Film Office

Using its global locations search site LocationsHub as a foundation, Reel-Scout has built a location gallery that integrates with the Atlantic City Film Office's website and displays the locations that are part of the Atlantic City Film Office's LocationsHub account.

The Atlantic City Film Office can control which locations are visible through the gallery by marking them public or private. All locations marked public are viewable both through the website gallery as well as through LocationsHub itself. This way, each location listed receives double the exposure.

In addition to the public searching capability that the gallery offers, the Atlantic City Film Office can create collections of locations, called lightboxes, and share those with the productions interested in shooting in Atlantic City.

Known for decades as the resort city of New Jersey, Atlantic City is a film-friendly community famous for its cinematic timeless settings. It’s a one-stop shop for productions looking for locations that include casinos, boardwalk, four miles of white sandy beaches and the Atlantic Ocean.

Atlantic City has them all, from the historic Steel Pier, America’s first Boardwalk, a myriad of casino resorts, to the back bays and marshes. Cars and trucks are allowed on the beach and Boardwalk for driving shots. There is ample free parking to film that perfect surf scene.

The Atlantic City Film Office offers free assistance for productions working in the area. With an understanding of the filming process and a thorough knowledge of Atlantic City, the film office helps make the filmmaking process a smooth, efficient, and enjoyable one for productions.

For more information on filming in Atlantic City, visit the Atlantic City Film Office’s website.


PHOTO CREDIT: Above photo of the Boardwalk and the beach at States Street in Atlantic City via the Atlantic City Film Office's location gallery.