New Hampshire Film Office Selects Reel-Scout

“I am excited that our Film Office and filmmakers around the globe can connect with New Hampshire by utilizing a tool like Reel-Scout™,” says Matthew Newton, Film Specialist managing the New Hampshire Film and Television Office. “This service truly is the backbone of our infrastructure. Not only will we be able to use the service to market and promote New Hampshire as a filming location, but we will now be able to perform a number of new tracking methods to get a better picture of how film and television production is affecting the Granite State.”

Once the location library goes live, the New Hampshire Film and Television Office will be busy transferring photo files and populating new location files into the system.

“We invite residential and business property owners to contact our office if they are interested in having their property listed as a potential filming location,” says Newton. “We will provide them with all the information they need regarding how to host a film or television production and how they can submit their digital photos of their property for inclusion in the online library.”

The New Hampshire Film and Television Office, as part of the New Hampshire Department of Cultural Resources, works to expand business activity and employment throughout the state by acting as a liaison between the film industry and an established network of government agencies, the state’s film industry workforce, and local property owners.

The office is responsible for location assistance, public relations, and general production support in an effort to broaden the cultural and economic impact of film and television production in the state.

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