Frequently Asked Questions

Current RS Clients: User FAQs

My client is having problems opening the online package. What can I do to help?

If there are any problems with the link, you may want to suggest that the client copies the entire unique URL beginning with "http://" from the email and pastes it into the Internet browser window. If this does not resolve the problem, go into the package and click the 'email package' link. The link may no longer be active if a system user has deleted the package from the project.

How do I ensure that the premier locations are placed at the top and others follow?

By default, the location package displays locations in the order it was added. You can order and sort the folders within a location package as well as the individual locations within each folder. The sort order field to the right of each location listed in the package controls the priority of the display of each location.

How do I add values that are not currently present within a particular drop-down field? Can the value be changed?

Yes. Reel-Scout includes an 'Admin' module that allows users with Administrator access to add/edit/delete location categories, keyword values, users etc. If your office has purchased the RS-Standard, you'll want to contact our RS support team for any changes to your Reel-Scout system. Please note that some values are keys to other fields (e.g., the county determines the region) and, therefore, should not be modified.

What's the difference between the 'print friendly' and the 'print friendly (ALL)' buttons in the location record?

The print friendly button will display the location record with data fields that have been marked for public viewing. This is done centrally in the "Configure" page of the location component. The "print friendly (ALL)" button will display all data fields available in the location record, including confidential contact information, etc. This should be used for internal viewing or record keeping purposes only.

Why do I have access to different data and different functions than another user in the office?

The Reel-Scout™ access control module is built on roles and groups. Roles allow the users access to specific functions (e.g., editing contact data or uploading an image). Groups enforce which specific records the user can apply the function. To better understand access control, reference the Reel-Scout User Guide for the full user access control matrix.

How do I change my user ID and password?

Each office has a designated System Adminstrator, who has access to the admin module of Reel-Scout. He/she can assist you with any password or account changes. If your office has purchased RS-Standard, please email the RS support team at

My question is not answered here or in the Reel-Scout™ User Guide. How do I get additional support?

You can review the "Help" area of the Reel-Scout™ system. This is an ever-growing online user guide of how-to's, video clips, and step-by-step instructions on many of Reel-Scout's latest updates and new functionality. If you cannot find the answer to your question, contact your office systems administrator. If he/she is unavailable, you can direct you question to RS Client Support team via email at

Web Analytics & Reporting: SmarterStats

What is SmarterStats?

Reel-Scout has partnered with Smartertools to provide the SmarterStats Enterprise to our film office clients. SmarterStats is a web statistics analysis program. Each time your location library or production directory is accessed from a web browser, a log file is created that stores the activity on your site. SmarterStats allows us to provide you with a graphical display of this activity. As a Reel-Scout film office client, you can login through a web based interface and view this activity in the form of various reports.

Is SmarterStats configured automatically for my account? I can't recall how to login.

A SmarterStats account is automatically set up for each of our film office clients. You will first need to log into your control panel to activate SmarterStats and begin viewing your statistics. If you have forgotten your login, simply email our Support Team at to retrieve your login credentials.

What is a Report Item?

The Report Items break down various aspects of the traffic to your site into individual reports. These reports include information about each hit to your site as well as the location of where the visitor originated from. Some examples of Report Items include Top Pages by Views/Visits, Top Referring Sites, Top Search Keywords, Total Hits from US States and Top Pages by Bandwidth.

What is a Standard Report?

The Standard Reports combine various Report Items into a comprehensive report that can be used to analyze different aspects of your website traffic. Some examples of Standard Reports include Search Engine Optimization Report, Site Activity Report and Marketing Report.

What is a Custom Report?

Custom Reports can be created based on any of the Report Items you wish to view. All of the Report Items are made available and you pick only the ones you wish to view. You can create multiple custom reports, depending on how you wish to combine information. Once a custom report is configured it will remain in your Custom Reports list until you decide to change it or remove it.

What is a Data Mining?

Data Mining allows you to analyze detailed statistics about each page of your website. Choose from a list of questions to analyze information about who came to your site, how they got there and what they did while they were there.

Can I email the reports?

Each report generated can be emailed to any number of people. The email can be either plain text or in HTML format. You also have the option to send reports on regular intervals.

Is there help documentation available?

Confused about a specific report? Don't fret, help documentation is provided for each and every screen within the SmarterStats interface. Simply click Help in the top right corner and the help documentation will open up explaining the screen you are looking at. Also, we are here 24 hours a day to answer any questions you have.